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Similar to the classic Vinturi wine aerator, the Vinturi Spirit Aerator releases the full potential of any undiluted spirit, allowing it to be appreciated like never before. From Cognac, Scotch, Port, and Whiskey to Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Brandy, the Vinturi Spirit Aerator is an essential tool for the modern at-home bartender, with a discerning palate, who is looking to expand their repertoire and elevate their skills. Unlike the classic wine aerators, the Vinturi Spirit aerator features a convenient, built-in jigger to effortlessly measure out servings and a sleek, compact design.

As your spirit breathes, it opens up and releases its intended aromas and flavors. The more you appreciate your favorite spirit, the more you’ll appreciate the difference. Makes a great gift, perfect for all spirit lovers out there.


Vinturi Spirit Aerator

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